Albeco Army...

It has been a very fluent process molding Albeco into a reality here in Bali. Creativity swirls around Canggu in a manner that is intoxicating and contagious allowing us to breath fresh air into our brand. Everyday we are inspired watching locals tirelessly work with a huge smile on their faces. We live bare foot and our days are filled with sunshine and riding around a sun filled happy island, creating a brand that is engrained in the fabric of our being.

Australia unexpectedly pulled us home briefly allowing us to share the first few pieces of Albeco with a lucky few. We slowly watched our sunshine army expand as our first customers slipped into our very first Albeco product's.

We officially have a bunch of homies running around Indonesia and Australia in our first batch of tee's. Our hearts are swollen with pride, its the greatest thing ever. 

- Lexi

Alexis SteereCangguComment