This is us...

If you know us you will know this past two years has been challenging. 

Our fabric completely screwed up. Our tailor used the screwed up fabric and made the complete wrong garments. All of our files to create this collection were stolen meaning we had to do everything twice. We fought with each other. We fought with ourselves. We have had our asses kicked again and again. 

We have taken some time out to reflect on why we're working on Albeco and if it really aligns with who we are and what we want for the world. 

It does. 

Slowly but passionately we are opening our selves back up to Albeco and we are ready to share. This is our Ocebla collection and we are so proud. A bit bruised but extremelly proud. 

Albeco is evolving, as are we. 

This is us.

Alexis SteereComment